War on Religion?

Teacher Fired After Receiving Fertility Treatments

Some say there is a war on religion. But if an infertile teacher can be called a “grave, immoral sinner” by a church official for using science to conceive a child, and then be fired for it, then I say that the real war is on science…and knowledge.

Moreover, anyone who believes that in-vitro fertilization is a “grave, immoral sin” (and, therefore, a transgression worthy of eternal damnation!) is grossly detached from any hint of understanding the concept of morality. Their opinions on morality just do not, and cannot, count. They should do us all a favor and recuse themselves from judgments on morality on the grounds of unmitigated moral bankruptcy and intellectual incompetence.

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About JP Laughlin

Originally intent on Christian ministry, I attended the College of Charleston where I earned a BA in Religious Studies (and where I also nearly completed a BA in Biology) and where I met my wife in our New Testament class. I attended graduate school at the University of Washington and earned a MA in International Studies – Comparative Religion. My areas of focus were Religion-and-Culture and American Religion. Somewhere along the way, I escaped from the prison of religious belief and found a new joy in living.

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