Reflections on (Ir)religion…

…was born of a conversation and a re-connection with an admired friend and colleague.  The reflections began with seeds of ideas brought up in a discussion on New Atheism — its value, or lack thereof, and what remains if religion (in general) were no longer in the picture. It was also born of a sense of exasperation at the parodic misrepresentations of atheists by theists, some of whom are colleagues. Thus, the essays and blog posts herein are my thoughts and explorations on living a godless life, commentaries on the implications of religious ideas, responses to critics of atheism, and, occasionally, letters to my daughter.

About Me

Originally intent on Christian ministry, I attended the College of Charleston where I earned a BA in Religious Studies (and where I also nearly completed a BA in Biology) and where I met my wife in our New Testament class. I attended graduate school at the University of Washington and earned a MA in International Studies – Comparative Religion. My areas of focus were Religion-and-Culture and American Religion. Somewhere along the way, I escaped from the prison of religious belief and found a new joy in living.

I am a father with a beautiful little girl and a volunteer English instructor for immigrants in my community. I enjoy photography, the English language and linguistics, presque toutes les choses francais, and, most important of all, spending time with my family.  After 30 plus years of living in the sweltering heat of the Bible Belt, I now call the Seattle, Washington area Home.

The Out Campaign: Scarlet Letter of Atheism

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3 responses to “Reflections on (Ir)religion…”

  1. imbrocata says :

    Hey, thanks for the follow. When I first saw your name I was thinking “J.P. Holding” – which caused a common but momentary moment of confusions; “Hey! Isn’t Holding a Christian Apologist?” and “What is the meaning of this?!”. Confusion is over=P Looking forward to reading more and thanks again!

  2. karenloethen says :

    Hi, I am posting a blog Carnival for Atheist Parenting at this link:
    I would love to be able to include this blog post, and/or another blog post of your choice… If you would consider this, please submit your post through the email address on my blog. I hope you blog more!

    Thanks so much for considering this!
    I am really hoping for good quality blogs to feature on my carnival and, with the carnival, I’m hoping to support and inspire secular and atheist parents!

    Please feel free to delete this post!
    Carnival for Atheist Parenting

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